Versus Technology Real Time Locating system (RTLS)

Versus Technology’s real-time locating system is the most-deployed RTLS in healthcare across the world.

Dedicated to making healthcare safer and more efficient through location and rules-based automation, our solutions foster improved care giving, and ultimately set a new standard in healthcare.

This is achieved through state-of-the-art locating technology, badges and software.

The technology combines infrared (IR) and radio frequency identification (RFID) signals to locate patients, staff, visitors, equipment, charts and other assets tagged with our badges.

Next, the Versus software platform captures and transmits the location data directly to information systems in order to manage resources, services and processes more efficiently.

Your choice of RTLS platforms - Wi-Fi, Wireless or Wired

Got Cisco? Leverage your existing Wi-Fi network for enterprise visibility. Need room-level accuracy or better? Add our discreet wireless or wired infrared (IR) sensors where you need clinical workflow automation, par-level asset management and resource optimization.

This scalable, multiple-platform approach gives your healthcare organisation the freedom to choose the technology that best fits your needs and add accuracy as needed.

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Accuracy where you need it with minimal hardware

The typical Wi-Fi RTLS attempts to add room-level accuracy with multiple pieces of hardware for every room.

Versus is the only RTLS that allows you to add care-level accuracy using just a single, discrete sensor in each location. 

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Powerful Business Intelligence

Real-time integration, optimisation and improvement

Patient Flow

Efficient workflow is essential in today’s "do more with less" healthcare environment. Create efficiency by tracking patient flow with RTLS.


Risks are inherent in healthcare environments. Hospital-acquired infections, patient falls, recalled equipment … Reduce these risks with RTLS.

Situational Awareness

Know what’s happening right now in your facility, and how to respond. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) with our actionable electronic dashboard.

Infection Control

Through no fault of your own, the hospital and other clinical environments are teeming with the opportunity to spread infection. Minimise the risk and control the spread with RTLS.


Behind the real-time visibility that Versus provides lies an enormous amount of data. Our easily accessible RTLS analytics help you benchmark your operations.


You need an integrated approach to healthcare; disparate systems just aren’t going to cut it. Automate and integrate your healthcare systems with RTLS.

Return on Investment

As the longest-operating RTLS vendor in healthcare, we have plenty of real ROI to share. Plus, we’ll help you prove your own return on investment.

What's In It For ...

RTLS benefits all members of your healthcare team:

You want more time with patients, but you also want to increase volume. If only staff were able to consistently anticipate your needs. With RTLS, you get it all.
RTLS takes work off your plate by reducing manual data entry, phone calls, endless walking, and the time you spend searching for staff and equipment … we promise.
The patient experience is more important than ever. Reduce wait times and alone time with RTLS, improving safety and satisfaction.
Your "customers" are patients who expect you to always be operating at your best. Effectively manage your operations in real-time with RTLS.
From biomedical engineers and transport volunteers to chaplains and social workers, the benefits of RTLS extend to all members of the healthcare environment.